Wedding Film

Every single wedding and bride are completely unique and therefore there is no formula for pricing, descriptions or telling you what I will put in your wedding video.  However, I can tell you that we will make sure to capture all of the beautiful, and all of the emotional and poignant moments and tell them all in a beautiful story that your family will enjoy for years!

Here are a few recent examples of my work!


The Wedding of Kelly and Joey!

One of the hottest days we've ever worked, led to one of the most beautiful days we've ever filmed.  Kelly and Joey are totally geeks for each other, and we had a blast spending the day with them!  Here's their wedding highlight reel!  This was filmed by, Maurice Waters, Jr. and produced by me, Tony Weeg.

The Wedding of Heather and Aaron 

Two of the most lovable and awesome people I know with two of the most beautiful and contagious smiles got married this past October (2016), and  Maurice and I were hired to film it.  I did the production on this puppy, and really have had a lot of nice feedback about it!!