Corporate Cinematography

It's simple.  We take your company, or product, or story - and tell it to the right audience, in the right way, and help you along the way.  We help with script writing, scene detail, storyboarding, etc.  Contact us today to learn more!


"Our Mission is Still the Same" - The Mark Miller Fitness Story.

"For Those Who Love Justice" - The Story of Sensei Tony Triglia

For this project I took a deep dive into what Shorinji Kempo means.  Straight from the mouth of sensei Tony Triglia.  Enjoy.

Mark Miller Fitness // Salisbury, Maryland

Mark needed some new marketing material, and since I spend a few days a week there anyway, it was a natural fit that we make a video for his personal training facility.  Enjoy!

The Salisbury School // Authenticity

How do you describe a school that has 100% of it's students who graduate - graduate with an offer to a 4-year school?  You find abstract words that describe the way of life and you let students learn how they need to, not how a book or paradigm may tell you to.

Filmed in partnership with Maurice Waters, Jr. // The Brand and myself, and produced by the two of us.

Spicer Bros. Construction Super Bowl 2017 Commercial 

That's right.  A Super Bowl 2017 Commercial that played on the regional broadcast.  Shot and produced by myself and Maurice for Spicer Bros. Construction, it took us from a jobsite to a duck hunt to speak to the local football-loving and hunting population!


Peninsula Regional Medical Center // Doctor Recruitment video