From Iceland, with Love by Tony Weeg

So this post is a continuation of a project I started on January 6th, 2016.  I wanted to shoot a wedding Iceland this year, and well, I made it happen.   I am just now back from the trip and a little vacation, but I wanted to post an update to the original story: 2016 - 2017 Iceland Wedding Project 28679725580_79841b7bcb_k

I am finally back from my Iceland summer wedding at Hotel Budir and the Black Church on the Snaefellsness Peninsula and I am absolutely speechless.  The landscape, the people, the lack of the concept of time during the summer and the will to do anything and everything we could took us to the edge.  And all I can say is that I will be back.  I loved shooting the wedding of Chad and Kirsten so much that I plan to be back in short time to get a northern lights trip in around the winter solstice!


I can now officially call myself a destination wedding photographer who is very willing to travel and hope to shoot many more Icelandic dream weddings!  I highly recommend you contact my friend, Fr. Paul at


Please contact me today to work on booking for 2017 and beyond.  Thank you, and please look forward to more images from this amazing wedding to be very forthcoming!

2016 Coastal Style Magazine Best of Nominee!! by Tony Weeg


13140610_10209333087070227_1172602639_n (UPDATE!)

I won, and I won both categories - Best Wedding Photographer and Best Photographer in Wicomico County!!


So I was very honored today to find out that I was nominated for a Coastal Style Magazine "Best Of" award!  The voting goes on for another month and here's the contents of the message I received today!

Congratulations Tony! You have been nominated as one of Coastal Style Magazine’s Best of 2016! Encourage your customers and supporters to vote on our website at

We’ve also included Coastal Style “Best Of” nominee logos for your website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Voting ends June 30th. For more information, visit us online at

Best of luck!

The Team At Coastal Style Magazine

Thank you for taking the time to vote, and if you do please make sure you vote for at least 16 different people or votes in different categories!  My county is Wicomico County, and last year I won for Best Photographer and Best Wedding Photographer in Wicomico County!  Thank you for all those votes last year!

Here is the link to vote:


(Updated) 2017 Iceland Wedding Photography Project by Tony Weeg



I will have loads of amazing images to share later in August of 2016 from Hotel Budir, the Black Church and many other beautiful parts of Iceland!  Thank you to everyone who helped me make this happen!


I want to shoot a wedding in Iceland in 2016 or 2017. I am hereby offering my services to ONE COUPLE for a very small amount (contact me for details, but I promise it won't be much) on top of flying me there and lodging (I can sleep on couches, and eat ramen :).  I'd love to bring my videographer, and a second cameraperson, and if you pay for them to get there, feed us and give them a little bonus it wouldn't hurt. Let me know. Thank you. I have a very busy Spring and Fall 2016 wedding season - however Mid-summer 2016 is open, and there's plenty of 2017 summer dates available. I know that SOME COUPLE somewhere wants to do this, we just have to find each other.  Go universe, make this happen.

You can find all of my work here on Flickr.

I have a studio in Downtown Salisbury, Maryland and would love to setup a meeting with you or I can travel to any of the very nearby metropolitan areas of Baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York, City.

I am very serious about this and I cannot wait to make it happen with one very awesome couple.  I've looked at the place for far too long on a map and in pictures, and I have to make it there sometime soon!


I will keep this open until I get a few couples interested and then I will interview them and figure out the best fit for my vision.  So please visit my contact page introduce yourself and your fiancee and if it looks like we are a good fit for each other, I'll send you a contract and we'll get the ball rolling!

High school sweethearts get married / St. Michael's Wedding / Tony Weeg by Tony Weeg


They've only known each other for 100 years, they've only been dating since before they could drive, this has been in the works for so many years that it was a truly special at last moment for these two!  Jan is a fly-fishing attorney with a penchant for Wes Anderson films, and general everyday snark and Erin a lady in every sense of the word and a gracious school teacher... they are quite the pair.  The location is amazing.  Set on an amazing cove just off the Chesapeake Bay, minutes from St. Michael's, Maryland is The Oaks Waterfront Inn.  With cottages scattered about the property, an astute manor house, and gorgeous waterfront along with age-old barns, it's a photographers dream!  I wish you guys many years of continued dedication to each other and success!   Here's their whole set on Flickr. [flickr_set id="72157654354384164"]